Register as a human subject!

Register as a human subject!

The Helsinki Laboratory for Behavioral and Experimental Studies, Helsinki LABBET, run by Hanken, is looking for new human subjects. As a human subject, you will be able to make interesting decisions while supporting scientific research. Subjects are paid a reward for participating in experiments.

Register as a human subject in The Helsinki Laboratory for Behavioral and Experimental Studies, Helsinki LABBET, that is used for general academic research and is maintained by Hanken. Helsinki LABBET is looking for human subjects to participate in decision-making experiments conducted both online and in different university locations. During 2022 Helsinki LABBET will organize several events for experiments. The exams do not require any special knowledge or skills from the participants.

Why participate?
• You support scientific research
• Making decisions is interesting
• There is a monetary reward for participation

If you’re interested in participating as a human subject, follow these steps:
1) Register as a human subject

2) Registered human subjects will be invited to experiments via email. If one of the dates for the experiments mentioned in the email suits you, you can select that date by clicking the link in the email.

The monetary rewards that participants receive for participation in experiments depends on both the decisions they make and partly on chance. There is a fixed minimum reward for participating, but it is possible to multiply the reward in the experiments.

Please note that just registering as a human subject does not require you to participate in the experiments. You are free to decide for each experiment separately whether it fits in your schedule or not.

Your decisions will remain anonymous. In other words, not other participants nor organizers will be able to associate your decisions with you at any point, and the data collected will be anonymous.

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