Helsinki Laboratory for Behavioral and Experimental Studies

The Helsinki Laboratory for Behavioral and Experimental Studies (Helsinki LABBET) is a multidisciplinary laboratory for experimental research in human sciences. Researchers affiliated with the laboratory come from various backgrounds, including economics, marketing, and philosophy. Helsinki LABBET uses infrastructure provided by Hanken School of Economics. The laboratory was established in 2020.

By registering in our database, you will be occasionally invited to participate in experiments. Participation is always entirely voluntary. For participation, you will earn a monetary reward, the size of which depends on the details of the experiment. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, experiments are anonymous, and the decisions you make in the experiment cannot be related to you in any way. You can find our privacy notice here, and the rules our researches must comply with here.

Helsinki LABBET on Twitter

Welcome to Helsinki, @EcScienceAssoc !

@HelsinkiLabbet faculty to host a major experimental economics conference in September 2024.

@Hanken_fi @HelsinkiGSE

Very nice story on the role of causal inference in the study entrepreneurship by my colleague @artahy:

Forthcoming in the AER: “Belief Elicitation and Behavioral Incentive Compatibility” by David Danz, Lise Vesterlund, and Alistair J. Wilson.

It was absolutely great having you here @MiettinenTopi ! Thank you so much for joining our workshop! @Econ_4_Everyone was spiritually here with his fantastic book and hopefully he’ll be here with us for next year’s workshop!! 😀

Topi Miettinen@MiettinenTopi

@JanneTukiainen @Econ_4_Everyone It was a pity to miss @Econ_4_Everyone high voltage visit to @HelsinkiGSE. But luckily @MDrouvelis had picked perfect gifts for the BEEL 10th anniversary guests.

Hanken’s Executive Board has on their meeting today, 25.5.2022, elected Ingmar Björkman as next Rector of Hanken. He will succeed current Rector Karen Spens.

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